Welcome to Coastal Carolina Weddings

Wilmington and the Cape Fear area is a top-notch region for weddings boasting a rich history, beautiful landscapes and the famed gorgeous beaches.  Wilmington is a vibrant riverfront city  with a lovely Riverwalk that winds along the Cape Fear River, connecting many of the city’s shops, restaurants, and nightlife with waterfront hotels, parks and the Port City Marina. The Wilmington area offers a wide range of  wedding venues from rustic barn-style to formal country club and plantation style to resort, and yes, beach weddings too!

Wilmington lies between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, and as the river widens and approaches the ocean, the land mass segments into a series of islands and barrier beaches. Many areas of the coast are protected lands yet are open open to the public and largely undeveloped.

If you want a beach setting for your wedding there are three to choose from.  Wrightsville Beach is the closest beach to Wilmington, and also the most developed.  South of Wrightsville Beach is Pleasure Island  which stretches along North Carolina’s Atlantic coast. The communities of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach extend across the island, each with a different character. Though both feature excellent fishing, Carolina Beach features a lively, retro boardwalk, while Kure Beach is a quieter residential community. Carolina Beach State Park and Fort Fisher State Recreational Area in Kure Beach preserve the quality and character of Pleasure Island’s miles of white, sandy beaches for visitors.

Wilmington diverse locale settings with gardens, museums, historic sites and of course beaches make it a premier wedding destination! Popular venues  in the historic downtown area are The Atrium, 128 South, The City Club, St. Thomas Preservation Hall, Wilmington Hilton Riverside, Brooklyn Arts Center, and you can even get married on the Battleship North Carolina.